Queen stunt double olympics. 'Skydiving' Queen's Olympic Stunt-Double Revealed

Queen stunt double olympics. Exclusive: Meet the Queen's stunt double and Danny Boyle's unsung Olympic heroes

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Queen Elizabeth's Olympic Stunt Double Calls Experience 'Unsurpassable' - uInterview

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Connery, who made the jump alongside fellow skydiver Mark Sutton doubling for James Bond, was sown into a replica of the iconic salmon dress worn by the Queen during the ceremony prior to boarding the helicopter. Connery and Sutton trained for months in anticipation of the event and did not disappoint as they jumped from feet over the stadium. Bond," she says before heading to a helicopter with Craig and corgis trailing. The 'Queenie,' as Connery affectionately calls her, was also said to enjoy her first acting experience. Olympic Athletes Disqualified For Doping.