What time is the opening ceremony for the olympics. Winter Olympics: What time is the Opening Ceremony?

What time is the opening ceremony for the olympics. Olympic Games ceremony

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Winter Olympics opening ceremony: What time does it start? - Business Insider

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The site of the opening ceremony, Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium , was built specifically for the Games. The organizers for the event said the shape was chosen because it is a combination of different shapes, a circle, a square, and a triangle, which represent heaven, earth, and mankind. The venue was torn down afterwards. The ceremony's message centered on peace, passion, harmony, and convergence. Five children from rural Gangwon province led the ceremony, which included one Inmyeonjo a mythical creature with a body of a bird and a head of a human, a creature that only appears when the world is at peace , four mythical creatures , including a white tiger — spirit animal protector of Korea and the mascot of these Games, natural floral and fauna, and a cast of 2, Five children were used to symbolize the five Olympic rings, and the five names were chosen to represent fire, water, wood, metal, and earth, the five elements that are believed to make up the Earth.