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Spartacus slave rape / Watch online

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Spartacus: Vengeance lulled us into a false sense of security about the violence it has been presenting thus far this season. All the bloodshed that has come before has been positively civilized — dare we say, boring — compared to the heinousness that went down at the Roman house party. But first, we catch up with Spartacus and his crew, who are on the run after a semi-successful Naevia rescue mission. They really should just jettison the Syrian, but Spartacus is all "no slave left behind" and follows Naevia's advice to cauterize his wound with fire. Just when it seems that new Romans have caught up to them, it turns out to be the other rebel faction led by Agron. Meanwhile, prisoner Oenomaus greets his new cell mates that were captured from Spartacus' raid: Crixus, Rhaskos and If this were the world of Star Trek, he'd have a red shirt on.