Kalithea clubs. Rhodes: Nightlife and Clubs | Nightlife City Guide

Kalithea clubs. Rhodes: Nightlife and Clubs

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Kalithea Clubs, Halkidiki, Greece

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Looking to book a week away next June in Halkidiki. In the daytime want somewhere with a nice beach to chill out on, but in the evening want somewhere thats a bit lively. There are conflicting views on which area in Halkidiki are the best for bars and some clubs with some saying Kalithea but others saying Hanioti. Can anyone help? Its very confusing and some of the reviews are a few years old. There is no doubt regarding the night life on the first peninsula of Halkidiki. Despite the fact that Hanioti has a night life to offer, the main night life part of the peninsula is at Kallithea.