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Thanks to its location and features Bobovac Caste was the best fortified Medieval town of Bosnia. Bobovac Fortress was first mentioned in written documents in It contained the Upper Town with the rectangular tower whose remains are still visible, and the Lower Town which was situated on the stair that were 20 meters lower of the polygonal shape, about 40 meters long and about 25 meters wide of which the yard and the well can be seen today. Bobovac Fortress was target of numerous invaders because of its geo-strategical and military and political significance. The crown of Bosnian Kings were kept in Bobovac Castle. There was a Royal chapel in Bobovac Castle which is believed to be the ancient church of Bobovac that had been reconstructed by the order of Bosnian King Ostoja. Ottoman Turks conquered Bobovac Castle in May 21 after only three days of siege.