American bandogge mastiff pics. American Bandogge Mastiff Pictures

American bandogge mastiff pics. American Bandogge Mastiff Pictures

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American Bandogge Mastiff / Bandog Information and Pictures - United Canine Association

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This large, powerful, muscular dog has a rectangular shaped, well-proportioned body, triangular ears, overhanging lips, strong jaws and wide eyes. Initially said to have originated in Europe this breed was used by British gamekeepers as hunter and fighter dogs, after which John Swinford, an American veterinarian, crossed an American pit bull terrier with a female Neapolitan mastiff in the s to make a complete guardian dog. Another American breeder John Lucero played a pivotal role in developing this breed, calling his dogs American Bandog Mastiff. This intelligent, confident, docile and loyal breed has the ability in indentifying suspicious human behavior, thereby emerging as great protection dogs, loving and protecting the family till the end. If socialized, they get along with cats and other dogs. Generally good to children, they might become their self-appointed baby sitter. Not being good to visitors when the owner is not at home, they may also howl constantly in his absence.