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Loyalty statements. Best Examples of Customer Loyalty and Retention Marketing

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Loyalty Quotes - Quotes About Loyalty - Quotes On Loyalty

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Loyalty statements have long been a part of every loyalty program. But today, rather than being mailed monthly, statements are now real-time trackers that can use the principles of human motivation to influence customer behavior. The right motivational cues in your statements will drive member behavior and keep them engaged with the brand, while continuing to build that one to one relationship with the customer. Why Loyalty Statements Lift Behavior The motivation behind real-time statements plays on basic human psychology. Goal setting and goal attainment are innately pleasurable to the human psyche and are incredibly motivating to move a person from one point to another. There are three principles to goal setting. You may be briefly motivated just by focusing on that big goal, but your motivation will likely wane as the goal seems too far out to attain.