What country are the winter olympics in. Top 10 Medal-Winning Countries at the Olympic Winter Games

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List of Olympic Games host cities - Wikipedia

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This is a list of host cities of the Olympic Games , both summer and winter, since the modern Olympics began in The Summer Olympics were officially sanctioned and held in Athens. The first summer version was held in Singapore from 14 to 26 August while the first winter version was held in Innsbruck , Austria from 13 to 22 January In , Beijing will become the first-ever city that has held both the summer and the winter Olympic Games. Stockholm hosted the Summer Olympics and the equestrian portion of the Summer Olympics. Paris will become the second city to do this with the Summer Olympics, followed by Los Angeles as the third in The Games have primarily been hosted in the continents of Europe 32 editions and North America 12 editions ; seven Games have been hosted in Asia and two have been hosted in Oceania.