Laura sfez interview. One On One With L'Ecole Des Femmes Designer: Laura Sfez

Laura sfez interview. Head Girl at L’Ecole des Femmes - Laura Sfez

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Laura Sfez — GONE BAZAAR Haya Zoubi

I was using the store to sell off all of the overstock I had accumulated up until Gone Bazaar: If you could travel in a time machine to any era -past or future which era would you choose and why? I would go to and work my ass off to make enough money to prepare for one of the greatest artistic explosions that ever took place. I would make myself little dirndl maiden dresses and if I were lucky enough — head to Yves Saint Laurent — the greatest designer that ever lived. Laura Sfez: I know this does not count as an art gallery or museum but I think it should and i will explain why. I really strongly value experience over material. The rides at these parks are Scientific Art Installations crafted for thrilling human experience.