Greek christmas decorations. The Greek Housewife: GREEK CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS AND CUSTOMS

Greek christmas decorations. The Roots of “Christmas” in Ancient Greece

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Greek and Cretan Christmas customs, Greek New Year, and Epiphany celebration

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On Christmas Eve, children go from home to home in their neighborhood to sing kalanta , Greek Christmas carols, to give their best wishes to the neighbors. They are usually rewarded with sweets, dried fruits and small change in a Greek version of the North American trick-or-treating on halloween. With a maritime history since antiquity, Greek wives and children used to decorate small boats to show their thankfulness for their husbands and sons coming back from the sea and having been spared from disaster. The tradition still stands today. The Christmas tree was introduced in the country by King Otto in the s, but really made its first true appearance in the homes of everyday Greek families in the s. The trend really caught on but the Christmas tree never managed to eclipse the Christmas boat, and recent surveys show that Greeks are actually returning to the Christmas boat full-stop.