Do people in the olympics get paid. Here's How Much Olympic Athletes Really Get Paid - Business Insider

Do people in the olympics get paid. Here's How Much Olympic Athletes Really Get Paid

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How Much Do Olympians Get Paid? It’s Probably Not What You Think

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Many Olympians are not in their chosen sport for the money - in reality it may not be enough to earn a decent living unless you are one of the best. Athletes competing rely largely on funding from their national governing bodies to help get them to the Winter Olympics and in some cases they are forced to raise their own money if their sport is stripped of its funding. Athletes require funding for sport performance services, elite-level coaching, Olympic training centres and international competitions. The 2, athletes competing at the Winter Olympics are all in Pyeongchang by their own accord and are not paid to be there. But they can make some money out of the Games if they bring home a medal with many countries awarding podium finishes with bonuses.